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Our Bespoke Portfolio Service is a discretionary investment portfolio service tailored around your clients’ specific investment requirements. We only work with Financial Advisers.

Our team of experienced investment professionals takes the time to build a bespoke portfolio that is fully aligned to your clients’ aims, attitude to risk and preferred investment style.

Available exclusively on platform and applying Tatton robust investment process the Bespoke Portfolio Service is customisable, flexible, highly diversified, and cost-effective.


Built around your objectives

The Bespoke Portfolio Service from Tatton is fully customisable while also being straightforward and transparent.

Available in a range of strategies and risk profiles, it allows you to delegate the day-to-day investment decisions and ongoing management of investments to an experienced team that always has your clients’ objectives in mind.

The individual portfolio will be invested in a diversified blend of assets and these can be managed in any general investment accounts, ISAs, SIPPs, trusts and investment bonds. Our investment team follows a core and satellite approach to building portfolios that offers you simplicity and flexibility.


The core element of the portfolio consists of one of our six risk-profiled portfolios, which hold a blend of actively managed and passive funds. We will adjust the amount we invest in the core to reflect existing holdings or objectives, always staying within the parameters of the investment mandate agreed with your clients’.


The satellite component is the truly bespoke part of your clients’ portfolio and reflects their specific investment wishes, for example retirement saving or ethical investing. These are called strategies.

Our strategies

Life Stage investing

Clients who want their investments to achieve certain income requirements, such as saving for retirement, or income drawdown in retirement a Life Stage strategy may be appropriate. This strategy is designed to meet income or saving requirements, while accounting for estimated inflation over a rolling six-year period. The aim is to provide comfort that your clients’ income or saving requirements are invested ahead of their need. This reduces the risk of not meeting that objective without considerable capital erosion when markets are volatile.

Ethical investing

This strategy provides clients with a portfolio that is managed under the ethical considerations that matter to them. We combine negative and positive screening BS ESG ratings to give your clients peace of mind that their investments not only align with your client’s principals, but may also generate returns in line with your clients’ risk profiles.

Thematic investing

Certain investment themes, such as infrastructure and healthcare, offer the potential for steady long-term structural returns. This strategy offers diversification across global markets and themes by investing in sectors that can also perform well in an environment of rising inflation.

Charities and foundations

Trustees who look after investments for charities and foundations have a big responsibility. At Tatton, we offer a bespoke investment management strategy designed to generate the best possible investment return for charities and foundations with their chosen level of risk and fully aligned to their investment policy statement.

Tatton’s bespoke investment process

Our Bespoke Portfolio Service (BPS) builds on the existing robust Tatton investment process whilst using the specific expertise of our bespoke investment managers to construct a portfolio that aims to meet your clients’ objectives.

We look at the big picture

No one person has all the answers. Our investment professionals work in a tight-knit, collegiate environment that encourages the sharing of ideas. The team meets on a regular basis to review developments in financial markets and the global economy.

Six steps

We follow a six-step investment process that aims to deliver repeatable results over the long term regardless of market and economic conditions. Our investment process embraces forward-looking scenarios; this approach allows us to react dynamically to changing conditions and implement investment ideas that consistently align with each portfolio’s risk parameters whilst keeping costs low.

A team-based approach

We perform extensive research. When we identify an opportunity, we deploy a rigorous approach examining all aspects of the opportunity and the best way to implement it in your clients’ portfolio.

Bespoke Portfolio Charges

At Tatton, we are committed to generating sustainable returns and keeping costs low.

Our team believes discretionary investment management should be accessible for most clients, not just the very rich, and that difference is at the heart of our investment philosophy. How we manage money.

With no branch network, managing your clients’ investments only on a Platform and a dedication to working only with Financial Advisers, we are able to offer fully bespoke portfolios at a competitive price.

Annual management charge

0.375% + VAT

The annual management charge is only one aspect of the total costs your client will incur from their investment portfolio. For a full breakdown of all the costs please contact the dedicated Bespoke Investment Managers who can provide a breakdown based on your clients’ objectives.



Bespoke Investment Team

Lothar Mentel

Lothar Mentel
CEO & Chief Investment Officer

Claire Bennison

Claire Bennison
Director of Investment Solutions

John Messer

John Messer
Investment Manager


Tatton Bespoke 
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Tatton Bespoke Portfolio Service

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