Our Managed Portfolio Service gives you a diversified, actively managed investment portfolio based around your needs and the level of risk you're comfortable with.

Managing a portfolio can be expensive and time consuming, especially if you’re new to investing or you don’t have time to constantly stay in touch with what’s happening in the markets.

With Tatton, you’ll benefit from a dedicated team of investment professionals, working alongside some of the leading names in investment research and fund management.


A full range of diversified portfolios

We offer five distinct ranges of portfolios built around different management styles. Each has up to six risk rated diversified portfolios, which invest in a range of underlying funds. This means our managers can spread risk across different asset classes and ensure any investment costs stay low. 

Our Ethical Portfolio brings together the best of 'negative screening' and 'positive screening' so you can avoid those areas that impact the world around us, while actively searching out those who are working to make a difference.

Your Financial Adviser will help you to work out which strategy and portfolio is right for you, based on your investment goals, how long you plan to invest and how you feel about risk.

More flexibility to target better returns

Once your Financial Adviser understands what you want to achieve, we can build a portfolio that stays close to your goals and risk profile. We actively manage your portfolio and do the hard work for you, using tactical asset allocation to fine tune your investments. It means we can explore new opportunities as they arise and avoid over-valued asset classes. We believe this approach can offer better returns by making your portfolio flexible, responsive and cost effective.

A word about risk

As with any investment, there are no guarantees. Past performance can be useful, but it isn’t a guide to the future and your investments can go up or down. That’s why it’s so important to discuss your needs and goals with your Financial Adviser, then work with experienced portfolio managers who can make your investments work for you.

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How to access our portfolios

Portfolios designed to offer maximum simplicity and flexibility:

Tatton Managed

Designed for investors who value active stock picking. Actively managed investment funds concentrate on discriminately picking securities which are deemed to offer better return opportunities than others.

Tatton Tracker

Our low cost option for investors who value market efficiency over stock picking. The Tracker investment strategy mainly invests in passively managed funds (trackers).


Tatton Blended

Designed for cost-conscious investors favouring both active and passive investment, but not ready to depend fully on one or the other.


Tatton Ethical

Our route to sustainable, socially responsible investment, without compromising on quality. Actively managed and diversified, our Ethical Portfolio is based on strict environmental, social, governance (ESG) and ethical principles.*

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Tatton Income

Aiming to generate a consistent source of growing income for each risk level, while growing the money originally invested in line with the rate of UK inflation, or higher. When it comes to investment, one size does not fit all.

* Investors should remember that limiting their investment to certain areas could lead to smaller returns.